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6 Pcs HSS Metal Circular Saw Disc Wheel Blades

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New High-quality
A set of 6 mini circular saw blades a 3.2mm adapter for small electric drills for small cut-off operations.
High speed steel blades and mandrel sets are ideal for precision cutting of aluminum, brass, copper, Wood and Plastic.
3.2 mm diameter shank drill stem for easy mounting on any bit.
Durable blades for faster cutting and extra long life
Product Name: Woodworking saw Blade

Material: High Speed Steel

Color: Black
Outside Diameter: 22mm,25mm,32mm,35mm,44mm,50mm

Inner Diameter: 6.35 mm

Height: 0.8 mm

Rod Length: 3.2 mm

Product List: saw blade *6 3.2mm Bar *1


Use the saw blade when the speed is slow, to put the pole clip to the end! In the use of this accessory to the pole clip to the end, because the front center of gravity is much heavier, in the high-speed situation, inertia will make it change the running track! So the pole to clamp in place or the machine speed is high there may be saw blade pole is bent, causing unnecessary loss and injury, Thank you for your cooperation! Buy 3 mm Chuck electric grinder, to use the diameter as small as possible saw blade, because the electric grinder small weight light, The first half of the saw blade heavy, in the high-speed situation will cause the machine vibration! Thus affecting the precision of cutting! of course, increased the risk of operation!