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Funny Cat Pet Laser LED Electronic Rolling Ball

Original price $38.31 USD
Current price $32.04 USD
Color: White
Making a good and funny interaction between you and your pet.
360-degree laser patterns that change directions unpredictably.
The kitten is born curious and energetic. They like a variety of games, and your pet interactive games can increase the intimacy between pets and the owner, to ease the anxiety of pets, but also to the family of small kittens, chubby dogs are good exercise ~ hunting game is their favorite Of the game, and almost every little guy has their own tease stick, small ball. This product is also based on the characteristics of the pet made, when the laser red dot appears in the surrounding, they will be crazy to chase, trying to seize the little red dot that move, and this little red dot is that they can not catch ~ ~ In the master's command, the little guys will make a variety of people's hilarious move, in situ to play the circle, jumped on the jump, or with that kind of watery eyes to ask you to help catch, How to play specifically to see the owner of the imagination ~
Color: White, Red, Blue
Diameter: 64mm
Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Power supply: 6x Batteries or USB Chargable
Please note that the product comes with 6 button batteries, buy back to the cat can play, very convenient