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Geometric Mosaic Love Heart Acrylic Mirror Stickers

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Color: silver

Geometric Mosaic Love Heart Acrylic Mirror Stickers 3D Bedroom Living Room Decoration Green Wall Stickers Home Decor


Product description: Material: Acrylic; Feature: 1. Equipped with adhesive, that is, tear and paste, environmentally friendly materials; 2. Environmentally friendly, waterproof and corrosion resistant; 3. Decorative mirror, as clear as the mirror, the near and the mirror are exactly the same, can achieve the perfect decorative effect; 4. Concise and generous, full of rhythm, and expand the sense of space; Precautions: 1. The surface of the product has a protective film, like a fog. After peeling off the protective film, it is a bright mirror. Please don't give us a bad evaluation because the protective film has not been torn off; 2. The mirror surface is not made of glass, so after tearing off the protective film, do not wipe or touch the product, affecting the aesthetic effect; 3. After attaching the product, if you can't peel it off with your fingernail when you expose the protective film on the front side, you can easily tear it off with the help of the blade. 4. The size can be adjusted freely. Due to the actual difference between size and description, please don't give us a bad evaluation.

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