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Original Martiderm Pigment Ampoules Remove Whitening Serum

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DSP-BRIGHT contains selective depigmenting active ingredients that only act where there are blemishes: unifying skin tone and helping to reduce and prevent their appearance. In addition, to reinforce the depigmenting effect, it contains pure Vitamin C and Tranexamic Acid.
Martiderm Pigment Zero DSP-Bright Dark Spots is the new ampoule formula from Martiderm that targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Martiderm has selected six different anti-hyperpigmentation ingredients in order to create an ampoule that provides maximum efficacy. The DSP-TX Complex combined with pure Vitamin C and Genistein grants a multi-targeted action that is able to remove dark spots and prevent further melanin production and deposition, reducing the size and intensity of the dark spots..
Texture: serum;
Skin issues: dark spots, uneven skin tone;
Time of application: morning and evening;
Age: 20+;
Skin type: all skin types;
Main benefits: reduces hyperpigmentation, even the skin tone, boost radiance;
Formulated without: parabens.
Main Ingredients
DSP-TX Complex is a patented combination of four different active ingredients that fight hyperpigmentation: Phytic Acid, Traxenamic Acid (3%), Bellis perennis and Hexylresorcinol;
Genistein has a depigmenting action that complements the action of the other anti-dark spot ingredients;
5% Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also has anti-pigmentation action.
How to use
Apply half of the Martiderm Pigment Zero DSP-Bright Dark Spots ampoule in the morning before the moisturizer. Use 1 ampoule over a 2 day period, using the lid and base provided to store it. If you want to increase the efficacy, you can also apply it in the evening..