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SABINETEK SmartMike+ Wireless Bluetooth Vlog Radio Microphone

Original price $333.98 USD
Current price $239.99 USD
Color: Black

SABINETEK SmartMike Plus Wireless Lavalier Microphone Lapel Video Mic Bluetooth 5.0 Compact Computer Camera Microphone for Vlogger Youtuber

The First TWS Real Time Wireless Microphone ● Realtime transmission ● SWISS Bluetooth technology, bidirectional high bandwidth audio transmission ● Wireless up to 15 meters

High Audio Quality ● Stereo, 44.1KHz, Full Frequency ● Compatible with iOS/Android ● Full frequency band (with 44.1KHz) Compact, Light, Power Saving, only 14g Wireless Real Time Mixer Music ● BGM Playback- support music playback ● Compatible with any music apps Realtime Monitor ● SmartMike+Monitoring with external headset ● Realtime Monitoring in app Features Support ● Standard Bluetooth headset features ● External headphone supported ● External headset supported ● TWS supporting, up to 2 SmartMike+ ● Supporting HFP basic features for other apps ● Wireless remote control for filming ● Front/Back Camera Switch while filming Multi Modes ● Vlog, Interview, Geek Mode Apps ● App upgradable for more AI features ● Powerful featured Sabinetek App available ● Free App Scenarios ● Wireless recording for mobile: Interview, Memo, Meeting, Lecturing etc. ● Vlogging ● UGC Video: Youtuber. ● Singing ● Podcasting