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Travel Dispenser Shampoo 4 in 1 Bottle

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Color: Gray

Travel Dispenser Shampoo Lotion Shower Gel Soap Bottle Accessories 4 in 1 Empty Sub-bottle Press Container Refillable Bottle


4 in1 design, it can store 4 kinds of emulsion at the same time, easy to store, easy to carry and save space. No need to check in, you can carry it with you
Rotate to switch emulsion, shower gel, shampoo, etc.Pressing out the liquid
The outer bottle is hollowed out and the inner bottle is transparent. It can easily see the category and capacity.
Environmentally friendly materials, safe and secure, use food grade PET material in inner bottles
Suitable for travel, business trips, sports, outdoor activities, etc.

1. Turn the cap open counterclockwise
2. Remove the liner filling emulsion
3. Stick the label
4. The nozzle is outward and loaded into the outer bottle
5. Rotate the selection, press the liquid
6. Turn backwards to close the exit

Material: ABS+PC+PET+PP
Color:pink and gray
Size:about 168*67*67(mm)
Package included: Travel Bottle Set(1 x case + 4 x Refillable bottles + 1 x tag)