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Versatile Magcon Tool Drawing Ruler Curved Magnetic Ruler

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Intended for convenientce, Ultimate Design Tool is planned to be a versatile stationery thing that suits in your scratch pad perfectly. In addition to the fact that it works incredible as a straight and bended metallic ruler, yet it is additionally a compass and a protractor. 

With Ultimate Design Tool close by, you will be well-prepared to draw flawless circles and examples easily! 


Structural configuration, drawing building drawings with exact measurements 

Worked for Portability - Ultimate Design Tool is a profoundly versatile multi-useful stationery thing with a lot more convenient capacities than a conventional compass. It doesn't jab openings through papers as it has no sharp point, but is as yet stable enough to not move around gratitude to the uncommonly planned moving base. 

Multifunctional - The multi-useful wings are the foundation of the usefulness of this item. You will have the adaptability to utilize whichever wing addresses your issues, regardless of whether to draw straight or bended lines, or edges. 

The straight appendable wing is a reevaluation of the customary compass. It enables you to draw flawless circles, from range 16mm to 80mm (openings are separated at 4mm additions). It likewise serves as a ruler, which empowers you to draw straight lines, edges and excellent circular segments. 

The bended wing gives architects the adaptability to draw wonderful bends and points. Bended lines, circular segments, ovals, hexagons, and circles can be attracted from span 18mm to 77mm. 

Exactness Protractor - Ultimate Design Tool is likewise a protractor for high-accuracy circular segments. 

Advantageous Design - Ultimate Design Tool can be helpfully opened into a note pad, making it the ideal little bookmark, which is additionally fit for drawing rules and circles. You can utilize the rear of the wing and book edge to help quicker drawing. 

Pocket-Sized - Ultimate Design Tool is an inventive pocket-sized drawing instrument customized for planners, specialists, modelers, diary aficionados, mandalas darlings, artists, tattoo craftsmen, understudies, and innovative experts. 

Pen Holder - Ultimate Design Tool can hold pens of various sizes as long as the distance across is no greater than 10.8mm. At the point when put on the work area, it can hold a pen just as the wings. The openings can suit different cartridges of pens, pencils, and markers. 

Brew Opener - Here comes a fascinating turn — did you realize that it works brilliantly as a lager opener? To open brew bottles, we suggest utilizing the aviation aluminum or hardened steel wings since they are a lot sturdier than the aluminum ones. 


Wing Material: Aluminum 

Base Material: Stainless Steel 

Bundle Includes: 

1 x Ultimate Design Tool 

1 x Base